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BulkSMS24-7.Com Email convert to SMS Service

BulkSMS24-7.Com's Email to SMS can send email content in the form of SMS to the set of pre defined mobile phone number (97150xxxxxxx@smsprovider.com). Useful in the atmosphere where making http call in not allowed in the application.

Email Convert to SMS Features:

  • Whichever email received in the configured email address will be converted into SMS
  • The service Can white list single or multiple from email ids so as to receive only desired email as SMS
  • Every 30 seconds periodic check for emails
  • Pick the subject line and send as a SMS to the numbers pre-defined by you.


  • Email credential and smtp details to read emails
  • Email address from which you will receive email to this email ID so we can white list it.
  • Cell Numbers to which SMS need to be sent.