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The cheapest way to send Bulk SMS

BulkSMS24-7.Com provides the cheapest way to send bulk SMS to your customers mobile phones with user-friendly software. As per the statistics, Sending Bulk SMS is starting to gain popularity among companies and businesses globally. It is proved because almost 80% of the world’s population has used cell phones in the past years to communicate with their loved ones or business partners locally or worldwide. With the growth of the smart phones such as I Phones and Android phones, more people are coming to terms that SMS might be the next best thing in marketing.


Hotels and restaurants have been sending bulk SMS to get people to visit their establishments at specific times of the day or week. By applying reductions at certain periods of time, companies are able to improve their services and expose their goods to the customers without spending too much on marketing. All they need is a cheapest way to Send Bulk SMS to inform their customers about a one-time sale or VIP reservations and their stores would be filled up for the rest of the evening by customers residing near the area. The Cheapest way to send bulk SMS also works as a reminder for upcoming sale events a month or week away. It always pays to keep clients abreast about new updates so that they will not miss special programs. Not only will you earn profit from the effort, but you will also be awarded by their loyalty as well.


How will you get the tracking of the TV ad or print ad is successful in getting customers feedback? Not unless you personally verify on them, it is hard to track the audience’s feelings about such matters. With Send bulk SMS you can get customers to answer quick surveys and polls via text messaging. It may be the least bothersome way to get them to answer as compared to chasing them in malls. If they do not answer, it is best not to force them until they are ready. Chances are they will not erase the text message just yet. In marketing campaigns, it is given that marketers might air an ad on TV or in any traditional media. Bulk SMS is a great follow-up tool to discover if customers are interested after seeing the ad. Keywords and codes. They can provide messages like “Win 100 texts to all networks by sending “WINNER” TO 123.” In this case, the keyword is WINNER while the code is 123.


Send bulk SMS might be the most effective marketing method for its direct approach in connecting with consumers but it is also one of the cheapest to execute. One only require creativity and a reliable SMS service in order to send relevant bulk SMS without the aid of images and audio. If you want to invest more, there are messaging services that allow firms to make audio and video messages for send Bulk SMS marketing purposes. This is a great opportunity to show users how different the company and its services are from others.

Cheapest way to Send Bulk SMS is truly a blessing in marketing. Not only is the communication easier and cheaper to do, but the effect of bulk SMS encompasses greater rewards.


- Send Single, Bulk, Group and Personalized SMS

- SMS Sending API, Easy to integrate with any App/Website/Software.

- Send Bulk SMS with your own Sender ID. Brand SMS with your own Sender ID.

- Dynamic SMS feature. Send customized reminders, notifications & alerts.

- Unicode SMS - Unicode option to send SMS in your Local Languages.

- Send bulk SMS directly from user-friendly web panel.

- Send Bulk SMS directly from Excel sheet. No need to login to panel every time.

- Live Delivery Reports of your SMS campaigns. Nothing to hide.

- Start your own reseller Bulk SMS Business. Become our Reseller. Completely white labeled.

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